Today’s Hungarian Blockbuster
on the East Side!

The American Hungarian Library and Historical Society will feature some of the most successful recent Hungarian movies on Thursday’s

from October 24, 2019 through May 21, 2020.

Comedy – Drama – Action – Adventure

– Each carefully selected to showcase the great variety of modern Hungarian movie making. The films are in Hungarian with English subtitles.
Make the one Thursday every month your Hungrian Movie Night!

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October 24. – Children of Glory

Drama, 2h 3min , 2006

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

Children of Glory tells the story of Karcsi Szabó, a Hungarian water polo athlete who reluctantly becomes embroiled in his nation’s uprising against the occupying Soviet forces when he meets a passionate student turned political activist. Karcsi’s growing involvement in the revolution conflicts with his training for the upcoming Melbourne Olympics and with his family and teammates, who feel he should be focusing on the sport. Karcsi’s wavering allegiances are tested as his Hungarian countrymen die in their battle for freedom, while the water polo team make it to the Olympic semi-final against the USSR, an event set to have a definitive and controversial place in political and sporting history

Director: Goda Krisztina

Actors: Iván Fenyő, Kata Dobó, Sándor Csányi, Károly Gesztesi,  Ildikó Bánsági

November 14. –  A Kind of America

Comedy, 1h 55min, 2001

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

After the movie, Szonja Oroszlán, one of the main characters of the film, will be our guest.

A Kind of America is one of the most successful Hungarian comedies. Tamás is a young, Budapest-based director of video clips and commercials, who dreams of directing his first feature film with the title ‘The Guilty City’. He already wrote the script, but does not have the means of financing his project. His dreams come true when he surprisingly gets an email from the American film producer, Alex Brubeck. Alex likes the script and would like to meet him personally. With the help of his two brothers Ákos, a successful manager and sex maniac, and András, a poet and complete loser, he tries to make a good impression on the American and persuade him to finance his project. There are some surprises along the way…

Director:  Gábor Herendi

Actors: Tibor Szervét, Csaba Pindroch, Győző Szabó, Eszter Ónodi, Szonja Oroszlán, Ferenc Hujber

December 12. – BÚÉK

Drama, comedy 1h 42min , 2018

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

The story takes place on New Year’s Eve that a group of friends have been celebrating together for years. The topic of the conversation veers in the direction of how nowadays people store many secrets and confidential information on their cell phones, and what kinds of conflicts may arise if the phones fall into unauthorized hands. Each of the seven members of the group insists on not having any secrets, on their lives being an open book, to which Aliz suggests that they should prove it. Everybody puts their cell phones on the table, and anyone who receives a call, a text message, an e-mail or a picture or audio message, has to share it with the others. The game starts out playfully but quickly turns serious when, after the small secrets and things that have been kept hidden, more and more serious lies and betrayals come to light. By the end of the night, the seven people, who have been good friends since they were kids, are faced with each other’s true self and feelings, and with the question whether honesty is of utmost importance or the most harmful factor in a relationship.

Director:  Kriszta Goda

Actors: Viktória Szávai, Béla Mészáros, Éva Bata, Gábor Hevér, Ferenc Elek, Franciska Törőcsik, Tamás Lengyel

2020. – Planned films

January 23. – The Whiskey Bandit 

Action, 2h 6min, 2017

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

The movie is an adaptation of the real-life story of Attila Ambrus, a “gentleman criminal” often compared in Hungary to Sándor Rózsa, the country’s version of Robin Hood.
Attila grew up in Transylvania in the 1980s and escaped to Hungary illegally by riding underneath a freight train. We see how he becomes a goalie for a hockey team in Budapest and finds a girlfriend, Kata, whose bourgeois father dismisses him as hopeless, without a job nor much chance of getting one.  He turns to robbing banks, not once hurting anybody, and soon gains a reputation as a folk hero. The nickname comes from the smell of whiskey he leaves behind, as he always drinks before a heist – first simply to calm his nerves, but later, more to uphold his reputation.

Director: Nimród Antal

Actors:  Bence Szalay, Piroska Móga, Zoltán Schneider, Viktor Klem, György Gazsó

February 20. – Brazils

Comedy, 1h 45min, 2016

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

Chaos bursts out among the gypsy minority of the town of Acsa when the mayor, urged by the new young priest of the village, announces that this year the gypsy football team called Brazilians can also take part in the football championship of the village; and this year, thanks to a Brazilian millionaire originally from Acsa, the winning team will be invited to Rio de Janiero. The championship starts. Events, emotions and anger take unpredictable directions. Those who win in the end were not supposed to be the winners, and those who find love, were not supposed to fall in love with each other.

Director: Csaba M. Kiss, Gábor Rohonyi

Actors: Erik Lakatos, Barnabás Bergendi, Dániel Viktor Nagy, Béla Dóra

March 19. – Kincsem

Adventure, Drama, History, 2h 1min, 2017

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

Kincsem was a Thoroughhbred race horse who has the most wins of any unbeaten horse in the history of the sport. The feature film presented Kincsem’s history with fictitious details.
Hungarian aristocrat and supreme horse trainer Sandor Blaskovich is killed by his former friend, Austrian officer Otto von Oettingen, while arresting him for treason. Von Oettingen takes over the Blaskovich castle with his young daughter Klara, while Sandor’s orphaned son Ernő has to move to a poor labourer’s cottage. Ernő cannot forgive Oettingen for taking his father’s life, land and honour. Years later, he goes on to purchase and train a magnificent horse Kincsem, which he believes will be his winning ticket to regaining the family home. The horse grows into an unbeatable champion but is wild and unruly just as is the woman who also shows a keen interest in Kincsem: Klara von Oettingen.

Director: Gábor Herendi

Actors:  Ervin Nagy, Andrea Petrik, Tibor Gáspár

April 23. – Aurora Borealis

Drama, 1h 44min, 2017

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

Aurora Borealis is a family story with two twisting timelines. Mária, the elderly mother of Olga – a successful lawyer living in Vienna, falls unexpectedly ill and is now in a coma. As Mária hovers between life and death, Olga incidentally unearths a secret that has been deliberately hidden. Her investigation takes her all the way back to a war-torn Europe of the 1950s. The film discusses the dramatic situations that grow out of identity crises, the open wounds caused by war in a shattered Europe, and the liberating power of lies unveiled.

Director: Márta Mészaros

Actors:  Mari Töröcsik, Franciska Töröcsik, Ildikó Tóth

May 21.- Liza, the Fox-Fairy

 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, 1h 38min, 2015

The film presents in Hungarian with English subtitles.

Liza has taken care of Marta, widow of the former Japanese ambassador, for the last 12 years. Liza’s only companion is her imaginary friend, Tomy Tani, the ghost of a Japanese pop singer from the 1950s. It’s her birthday, and so Liza goes to a Mekk Burger’s to find romance. While she’s away, Marta dies. Jealous relatives report Liza to the police for murdering Marta to inherit her apartment. Sergeant Zoltan is put on the case. The policeman rents a room from Liza so he can keep a closer eye on his suspect. Zoltan secretly repairs a stack of faulty fittings, very nearly gets killed in the process, and falls slowly in love with Liza. Liza gains confidence and begins to look better when she takes tips from a women’s magazine, but all her dating efforts end in fatal accidents orchestrated by Tomy Tani. Liza is convinced that she has become a fox-fairy, a deadly demon from Japanese folklore. The battle for Liza’s life begins between the mysterious pop singer and Sergeant Zoltan.
Director: Károly Ujj Mészáros
Actors: Mónika Balsai, Szabolcs Bede Fazekas, David Sakurai, Zoltán Schmied