The Short Story Circle (Kosztolányi Kör) is for individual, non-voting members, students and seniors. It offers complimentary book loans, e-mails, newsletters and invitations to events held in the Library where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi as well ($20 per year).

The Novel Circle (Márai Sándor Kör) provides full voting membership and free loans for the entire family. You also receive e-mails, newsletters and invitations to the events held at the Library, free Wi-Fi in the Library, as well as a $5 coupon for use during our book fairs ($40 per year).

The Best-Seller Circle (Arany János Támogatói Kör) is for our special supporters and offers all of the above advantages of membership as well as one complimentary book per year written by a well-known Hungarian author, and free entrance, for two, to our film club ($100 per year).